New Graduate Credential in Executive Coaching

In response to an increasing demand for individuals who are skilled in coaching and mentoring, the Graduate Program in Training and Development now offers a new graduate credential in Executive Coaching that will serve as a stand-alone five-course credential and also as a concentration area in our M.A. in Human Performance Improvement.  Students will learn to use a set of methods, procedures and strategies to facilitate performance improvement at the individual and organizational level. This practice includes:

  • Improving the productivity, performance, and satisfaction of individuals, and teams to achieve business results,
  • Collecting, analyzing, interpretation data and providing feedback,
  • Designing, implementing, and evaluating organizational change,
  • Building and maintaining key partnerships with stakeholders to enhance business results aligned with strategic change initiatives,
  • Coaching individuals and teams for development and improved performance.

Those who might benefit from this credential include OD or HR professionals, trainers, workplace learning or performance improvement specialists, career development counselors, or those interested in working as internal or external performance consultants.

Required Courses

  •  TRDV 424 Consulting Tools and Techniques
  • TRDV 441 Human Performance Improvement
  • TRDV 445Executive Coaching

Electives (chose two):

  •  TRDV 420 Career Development in Organizations
  • TRDV 423 Team Building and Leadership Skills TRDV 425 Project Management
  • TRDV 426 Organization Communication
  • TRDV 427 Organization Analysis and Design
  • TRDV 428 Workplace Diversity
  • TRDV 433 Managing Organizational Change
  • TRDV 435 Organization Development

Courses are being offered in the spring 2013 semester. Please contact Tara Hawkins for more details or further questions.

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4 Responses to New Graduate Credential in Executive Coaching

  1. This is really informative blog, I am very thankful for sharing this one.


  2. Shmaya David says:

    3 courses on subject matter and 2 general ones? That counts as 60% effectiveness in my books…

    • Thank you for your comment. Keep in mind that this is a graduate credential that provides 15 hours of graduate credit and the classes are a substantial amount of work. The credential also is a component of our M.A. degree in Human Performance Improvement.


      • Terri Moore says:

        Hi Tara,

        I am very interested in receiving the Executive Coaching credentials. I have taken all of the required and elective courses in the MA HPI program. I graduate in December and wanted to know is there something I can do to add this to my record.

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