Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn: A New Semester Begins

“Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile.”
-William Cullen Bryant


We’re happy to see all of our returning students’ smiling faces and want to extend a warm welcome to the following new students:

Winter Viverette

Asma Ibarhim

Carmen Anderson

Diane MacIntyre

Daniel Clinton

L’Tanya Straughter

Kim Waldvogel

Angela Simonetta

Tenika Hansberry

Allison Sullivan

Jocelyn Ashford- Yarbrough

Aaron Bussey

Roy Carraini

Marcus Ingram

Lynda Hurwitz

Cheryl Pruitt

Patricia Buckner

Jennifer Lewellen

Avni Thaci

Dana Primeau

Erin Lavery

Marta Hidegkuti

Adam Kirby

Julie Brown

Eric Hahn

Roshanne Loyd

Ramona Cheatham

Melissa Anderson

Margaret O’Donnell

From the Program Coordinator:

Do you have your textbooks, binders, and pencils in order? Tablets and laptops powered on? Then you’re ready to start classes! Some classes start this week, others start on 9/9, and still others on 10/18. Be sure to check the schedule and confirm your start date.

It’s not all work and no play around here this semester. We are putting on our party hats in September for the big CCASTD 70th birthday party bash. The Graduate Program in Training and Development is sponsoring this extravaganza being held on September 12th at the Hyatt Lodge in Oak Brook. Get more details on the CCASTD events page

We were delighted to see so many TRDV students and alumni at the Chicago eLearning and Technology Showcase this year (and a special thank you goes out to new student, Adam Kirby, for volunteering as a room monitor!). Every year we go and are assured that what we offer in the classroom is relevant and needed in organizations today. Classes being offered in the fall such as E-Learning Course Design, E-Learning Course Authoring, Online Teaching Theory and Application and Technologies for Online Teaching will help you build expertise in these areas. Keep an eye out in spring 2014 for TRDV 452 Designing and Facilitating for the Virtual Classroom where you’ll learn to design, develop, and deliver synchronous instruction.

Finally on an administrative note–graduation applications for fall 2013 must be submitted by 8/30/2013 or a late application fee will be charged. Visit Graduation Services for more information about applying for your degree.

Hope you have a wonderful fall semester!

Tara Hawkins/

Coordinator, Graduate Program in Training and Developemnt

From the Program Chair:

First, I want to welcome back our continuing students. I also want to welcome any students who are just starting with us. Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions or concerns you might have. Also feel free to contact me just to say ‘Hello’ and get acquainted. My office hours are posted on the blog if you want to stop by; I can also arrange to be in the office to suit your needs. For those of you whom it is not feasible to come to the Chicago campus, phone and Skype are options.

I hope that all you have a great semester.

Vince Cyboran, Ed.D.
Associate Professor

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