Program news: 8-week classes, student surveys, prizes

Vince Cyboran is a professor in the graduate program in Training and Development of Roosevelt University.

Vince Cyboran is a professor in the graduate program in Training and Development of Roosevelt University.

Beginning this fall, most programs within the College of Professional Studies will switch to a new schedule. Fall and spring semesters will consist of two 8-week sessions, and there will be a one-week break between these sessions. This applies to both classroom-based and online courses. The standard summer semester will also be 8 weeks, but we will continue to schedule one-week, intensive classes. This new schedule means that you can complete your degree—or credential—in less time. For example, if you are someone who prefers to focus on one course at a time, you can now complete two 3-hour courses within a semester, one at a time.

Fall Registration: Register Early, Win $50 gift card
You can view the fall semester schedule beginning on February 17; registration for the fall semester begins on March 1. Each student who registers for the fall semester during the first week of registration—that is, by the end of Sunday, March 9—will be entered into a drawing to win one of three, $50 Amazon gift cards. Winners will be selected by Graduate Assistant Eric Hahn.

Student Survey
Later in the semester, Tara Hawkins, our Program Coordinator, will be sending all currently enrolled students an online survey about schedules, course formats, and a few other topics. We’ve heard anecdotally that some students would like to see more courses offered in the classroom. To accommodate this, we are looking at scheduling courses that are offered solely in the classroom and we are also considering a blended format. The details of the blended format have not yet been finalized: we need your input.

Beginning this fall, our intent is to schedule two classroom-based courses in Chicago and in Schaumburg each semester. However, the university requires a minimum number of students be enrolled before we can guarantee that a class will be offered. If you truly want more classroom-based classes, please be sure to enroll in them. And please be sure to respond promptly to the survey.

More Details?
Once we have compiled and analyzed the results of the survey, we will provide more detailed information on the scheduling changes.

About Vince Cyboran

Professor in the graduate program in Training and Development of Roosevelt University.
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