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Beyond the Myers-Briggs: Assessment tools for Organization Development Practitioners

Each year millions of copies of the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) are administered by counselors, coaches, and consultants yet some experts in the field of psychometrics are not impressed by the reliability and validity of the instrument.  Still others feel … Continue reading

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Accelerated Online Courses: New Strategies for Successful Learning

As we begin rolling out our new eight-week online courses this summer, it’s important to consider the strategies that student need to be successful in an accelerated online format. Accelerated online courses can save you time and money and are … Continue reading

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Add Value to your MATD or MAOD with Professional Credentials

As a follow up to my previous article on professional certifications, “Do you need more letters after your name?” I want to make you aware of an easy way to enhance your Roosevelt University MATD or MAOD without added expense … Continue reading

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Birds or Fish? Internal and External Consultants

By Kathleen Iverson Sky and Water, by M.C. Escher is a tessellated image of birds changing to fish when they sink below the water line.  Depending on whether you see the background or foreground as dominant, you see either fish … Continue reading

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Instructional Methods: Better beginnings with training openers

Let’s start with a brief test of memory. I’ll present a list of eleven words, take 1 minute to memorize the list and then, without looking, see how many of the words you can remember. Here’s the list of words: … Continue reading

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Best Practices in Teaching Online

Best Practices in Teaching Online Our online of the M.A. in Training and certificates has grown tremendously over the past five years. Now nearly 80% of our enrollment is fully online. With so many students choosing this option, we have … Continue reading

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Six Blind Men and an Elephant: Why we need learning communities

In a parable, six blind men were challenged to accurately describe an elephant.  To add to the challenge, each man was taken to the elephant alone and allowed to touch only one area of the animal.  When they were asked … Continue reading

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