LearnNow: Change Management
February 25- 26, 2015
Tempe, AZ
Organizational change is a cyclical process. Adapting to that change successfully is vital for long-term success. The ATD LearnNow: Change Management event provides a practical model for change management. Rather than pushing complicated change management methods, the event will feature tested business approaches that executives and managers use to help their organizations rapidly change. You’ll find out how to help yourself, your employees, and your organization’s business models constantly and rapidly adapt to keep pace with technology and economic events. Registration

The Future Trends of Organization Development Webinar
March 2, 2015, 1:00 p.m.
Predictions are commonplace in the stock market and real estate, but they should be just as common in organization development (OD), which can be as volatile, with people moving from one organization to another for many reasons. As OD practitioners, can we predict how or why employees leave? Where is the OD field going? What will it look like five or 10 years from now? Registration

TAG, You’re It! Aligning eLearning Game Designs to Bloom’s Taxonomy Webinar
March 5, 2015, Noon
There is a lot of excitement and buzz in the industry around “gamification” of learning. What does this mean for instructional designers? Is it possible to blend tried and true theories of instructional design while meeting the needs of your learner population and stakeholders who are begging for games? Does gamification of eLearning even make sense for your organization or the needs of your learners?
Learn how to avoid gaming just for the sake of gaming, and truly align gaming to your instructional needs through the examination of real-world eLearning examples and their game design elements. Green will provide a sneak peek to Allen Interactions’ Taxonomy Alignment for Gaming (TAG) —based on Bloom’s Taxonomy—to help instructional designers in their quest to incorporate gaming into their learning designs. Registration

LearnNow Mobile Learning in Action Conference
March 9- 10, 2015
Miami, FL
Mobile devices are reshaping the ways we access and discover information, which empowers learners and leads to improved organizational performance. The next LearnNow conference will focus exclusively on mobile learning. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to get hands on with designing a mobile solution for your organization, this is the event for you. The program has been completely revised and updated to focus solely on mobile learning design and development. Registration

2-Day Thiagi Workshop: Really Rapid Instructional Design
March 18- 19, 2015
Naperville, IL
Fifteen years ago, Thiagi went cold turkey and quit using his grandparents’ ADDIE instructional-design model. He came up with an alternative continuous, concurrent, creative, co-design approach. His associates and hundreds of workshop participants have used this approach to design corporate training materials faster and cheaper and to produce more effective transfer to the workplace. In this walk-the-talk workshop, learn when, why, and how to apply principles from chaos, creativity, and improv to design learning packages for multicultural audiences and for the next generation. Registration

THIAGI: Dinner with an Industry Icon
March 19, 2015, 5:30- 8:30 p.m.
Lisle, IL
ATDChi is honored to welcome a living legend of learning & development, Thiagi, for what promises to be a truly memorable networking dinner. Meet the man himself during the open-bar networking hour. Following dinner, Thiagi will offer a keynote speech filled with sage wisdom and innovative thinking on the topic of adult learning. Registration

Onboarding: A Flight Plan for Taking Your Workforce to New Heights
March 26, 2015, 5:30- 8:30 p.m.
Dr. Gia Suggs, author of “Onboarding: A Flightplan for Taking Your Workforce to New Heights,” will be the guest speaker at this edition of the Flipping Training with Technology Professional Development Network. This PDN is focused on using technology in simple yet creative ways to improve learning retention for adult learning in the workplace. Each session features an expert in using technology in workplace training or flipped training for workplace. Meetings are held at Roosevelt University’s Chicago Campus. Registration

Why Motivating People Doesn’t Work… And What Does Webinar
April 22, 2015, Noon
In nearly every organization, leaders are being held accountable to do something they cannot do-motivate others. Leaders can’t motivate people, because people are already motivated. The question is not if a person is motivated but why. This realization always leads to an epiphany for training and human resource practitioners. HR’s dependence on carrots and sticks to motivate people had become common practice because we didn’t understand the true nature of human motivation. Now we do, thanks to thought leaders like Dan Pink and his blockbuster book DRIVE. But letting go of carrots and sticks has been a challenge. HR leaders know Dan Pink, they know what they’ve been doing doesn’t work, and they know managers aren’t successful at motivating people. But they haven’t understood what their alternatives are. In this webinar, Susan Fowler will help HR leaders understand the viable alternatives to the carrots and sticks on three levels. Registration

Preparing for a Career in E-Learning Webinar Recording
Join us for a free webinar on Nov. 12 to learn more about transitioning to the training world, preparing for interviews, software to know and developing e-courses. Roosevelt University adjunct Professor and TRDV alumnus Kim Heintz and TRDV alumnus Jessi Underhill will explore these topics and share their experiences, as well as answer questions live. At the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:
•   Discuss developing virtual learning and blended learning opportunities
•   Identify commonly used learning platforms
•   Describe the components of a successful professional portfolio
You may access the recording of this webinar through this link.

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