OD 2.0: Shifting from Disruptive to Innovative Technology

The emerging use of social networking and other web 2.0 technologies has completely re-invented the way we view and apply training for employees.  The internet is not just for kids anymore!

WebkeyboardAccording to the article written for OD Practitioner, by Roosevelt’s very own- Kathleen Iverson and George Vukotich, this blog is a great web 2.0 tool.  This blog and others like it are used to implement knowledge management, sensing and assessment, data collection, culture building, communication, project collaboration, visioning, building trust, and organization alignment in Org. Development.  We couldn’t agree more!

Dr. Iverson and Dr. Vukotich published this article in the Spring 2009 OD Practitioner Journal of the Organizational Development Network.  Members can view the article here. You can email Kathy Iverson at kiverson@roosevelt.edu or George Vukotich at gvukotich@roosevelt.edu.

Dr. George Vukotich is Chair of the Graduate Program in Training and Development at Roosevelt University.

Dr. Kathleen Iverson is Associate Professor of Training and Development at Roosevelt University.

Check out a review of the article here by Lee Hopkins.

Learn more about the Organization Development Network here.

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