Another fall semester for the books!

RU TRDV Alumni: We Have Some Great Things Going On. Get Involved!First off, congratulations fall 2012 graduates! We are very proud of all of you!


Now for returning students, have you enrolled for the spring and summer semesters yet? If not, please contact Tara at to get your registration code. You can view the schedules at

As you will see there is a variety of course formats from which to choose. We offer online, campus, and blended options. We want you to find the right educational blend that fits your needs.  Maybe you’ve taken all online classes and are ready to try on campus- we’ve got campus classes being offered in the spring and summer. In fact, we have several one-week intensive courses being offered in summer. Or perhaps you’ve never taken an online class and want to give it a try- we’ve got a good core and elective classes being offered.  If you feel like a mix is a better option then give the blended courses a try!

According to there are advantages to each format, here is a quick glimpse:

Online Learning

  • Unparalleled convenience: Online courses are accessible whenever you want to study and learn.
  • Zero Hassle: You’ll never have to fight traffic or do your makeup in order to attend class.
  • Savings: Online classes require no costs for parking, fuel, babysitting, or on-the-go meals.
  • More Opportunities to Participate: Through emails and discussion posts, you’ll always be “heard” in an online class – even if you’re shy or lacking academic confidence.
  • More Time to Participate: In-person classes only last an hour or two. In that Everyone Is Welcome: No one feels “out of place” because of his/her age, appearance, or abilities.

Campus Learning

  • No Self-Policing: Class is always underway at a specific time. You either show up or you don’t. It’s impossible to procrastinate.
  • Immediate Answers: If you don’t like waiting for emails or reading lessons on your own, you’ll prefer to see your instructor in person.
  • Classmate Connection: Some students enjoy forming study groups at the local college library, or going out for coffee with classmates. The connection makes them feel more involved in their education.
  • Career Networking Potential: It is possible to network with online classmates/instructors, but campus-based classmates are much more likely to live in your area and interact with professionals who can influence your career.
  • Extracurricular Events: Your local college probably hosts exhibits, readings, career fairs, and sporting events that can round out your college experience.

Graduation and Credentials

If you are planning on earning a degree or credential in the spring please be sure to apply through the Graduation Office Note: the application for credential is at the bottom of the page.

I hope you all have a restful break and happy holiday season!

–          Tara

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