Welcome to spring 2013!

 From the Program Chair:

 First, I want to welcome back our continuing students.  I also want to welcome any students who are just starting with us.  Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions or concerns you might have. Also feel free to contact me just to say ‘Hello’ and get acquainted.  My office hours are posted on the blog if you want to stop by; I can also arrange to be in the office to suit your needs.  For those of you whom it is not feasible to come to the Chicago campus, Skype is an option.

 This fall, we will begin offering accelerated, 7-week online courses for the first time.  Similar to our accelerated courses in the classroom, you can take complete two courses in a semester, but one at a time.  Watch for specifics on the fall schedule.

 I hope that all you have a great semester.

 Vince Cyboran, Ed.D.

Associate Professor

From the Program Coordinator:

Welcome to spring 2013 semester! I hope you had a wonderful holiday and break from classes. Now it’s back to the books!

We have a great line-up of classes to choose from this semester. In addition to core classes, we are offering several timely electives such as managing change, executive coaching and e-learning course design. Electives allow you to increase your areas of expertise and competencies to build your resume. Just last week we posted a job that read “Working knowledge of a global audience is a plus”. TRDV 431 Global Training would certainly help if you were applying for this job. Global Training is a blended course this semester and does not start until later this month so enrollment is still open if you are interested.

While we are talking about areas of expertise and competencies, did you know ASTD revised their Competency Model this month? The last revision of the model was done in 2004 and recent changes in our profession including technology and globalization have forced an update to ensure relevance in our ever evolving world. To read more about the update and view the new model visit http://www.astd.org/Publications/Blogs/ASTD-Blog/2012/12/ASTD-Debuts-New-Competency-Model.

A couple reminders/tips:

  1. Are you planning on graduating this semester? If yes, be sure to apply for graduation through the Graduation Office http://www.roosevelt.edu/Registrar/Graduation.aspx
  2. If you plan to earn a credential this semester please complete the “Credential Completion Form” available at http://www.roosevelt.edu/Registrar/Graduation.aspx
  3. Please check out the Registrar’s Web site for important dates throughout the semester. Important dates such as vacation days and drop dates can be viewed at  http://www.roosevelt.edu/Registrar/ImportantDates/Spring2013.aspx

Finally, have a great semester and please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Tara Hawkins, Program Coordinator, 847.619.8734 thawkins@roosevelt.edu

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