Choosing Electives Just Got Easier

by Vince Cyboran, Ed.D., Program Chair

Effective immediately, students admitted to the MATD and MAHPI programs will be able to choose any electives that suit their needs or interests.  As the field of Training and Development evolves, we have seen greater overlap between the T&D and HPI/OD branches.  Direct evidence of this comes from the 2013 update of the ASTD Competency Model. The core curricula for the master’s programs remain the same; these courses differentiate the two programs.

It is our hope that this change will enable all students to finish their graduate work in a reasonable amount of time. Please keep this change in mind as you register for the fall semester. If you have any questions about this change, please contact Tara Hawkins, Program Coordinator, or myself.

About Vince Cyboran

Professor in the graduate program in Training and Development of Roosevelt University.
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