Goobye Spring- Hello Summer!


Well here we are wrapping up spring semester and headed in to summer! The weather in Chicago today (70 degrees) certainly helps make it feel like we are moving forward.

Summer Classes 

Classes are still open for summer. Most classes start on 5/13 but we do have two exceptions: TRDV 437 Creativity in the Workplace starts on 6/3 and TRDV 450 Learning Technologies starts on 6/24. Please contact Tara Hawkins if you need a registration code. To view a full listing of classes please visit

Applying for a Degree or Credential

If you plan to earn a degree or credential this summer be sure to complete an application through the Registrar’s Office, You can find more information on their Web page

Stay Connected

Stay in touch with other workplace learning and performance professionals this summer. CCASTD has their events schedule posted at:

From the Department Chair

If you are taking TRDV 499 this fall, here’s are some things you can do to prepare.  If you are pressed for time, do only Items that you feel will benefit you the most. However, I recommend that everyone do Items 1-3 and 9.

 Review the syllabus for TRDV 499 from this spring (sent to your RU e-mail address)

  1. Choose three key assignments as exhibits.
  • These should be items you could show to a prospective employer. 
  • Do this even if you are currently employed in the field.
  • Ensure these items are free from spelling and grammatical errors.
  1. Gather your completed Portfolio Preparation forms for each course associated with your chosen exhibits.
  • If you do not have a completed form for each exhibit, complete them over the summer.
  1. Choose key theories and models that are important to you and that inform your work.
  • Ideally, you identified these on the Portfolio Preparation form.
  • Review the research paper you completed in Adult Learning Theory and Application (TRDV 422).
  1. Familiarize yourself with the competencies from important professional organizations.
  • If you are earning an MATD, be sure you can explain the ASTD Competency Model.  Be sure you are using the 2013 version.
  • If you are earning an MAHPI, be sure you are familiar with ISPI and can explain key HPI/HPT models.
  1. Familiarize yourself with APA 6 style.
  1. Identify and follow three industry-related blogs.
  2. Update your resume.
  3. Watch your RU e-mail for a notice about a live (synchronous) webinar about TRDV 499.
  • Two sessions will be held on weekday evenings after the start of the fall semester but prior to the start of online classes.
  • Attendance is OPTIONAL.
  • There will be ample time given for questions-and-answers.
  • You only need a device (computer, tablet, etc.) with a browser and speakers. 
    • You do not need a microphone; you will type your questions. 
    • You do not need a webcam; you will not be on camera.

 On behalf or the TRDV faculty– we hope you have a great summer!  Tara

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