Should Your Organization Rush to Jump on the Gamification Bandwagon?

 Guest Blogger: Nancy Solberg

Over the past few years we have seen our company swing from one extreme to another in our training delivery methodology. We initially relied on Instructor-led training as our primary choice, which had a tendency to be long and drawn out. Within the past four to five years we have incorporated more Web-based Training (WBT) as our primary delivery method. This has enabled us to train staff more quickly and reach a large gamer 3audience.

The organization embraced technology and the new approach to training delivery. We found the automated delivery method to be cost effective, and improved consistency in delivery, providing the organization with an effective way to track and measure the effectiveness of our training. As technology continues to evolve our audience is again demanding changes in our training delivery approach.

Feedback from our internal clients indicates that our current e-learning solutions lack excitement and are lagging in contrast to progress that has been made in technology. Our clients are voicing their concerns and encouraging our Training Department to move in a new direction. Like other organizations we are seeking creative solutions that are deliberate, engaging, and  effective in transferring knowledge to our target audience. We now ask ourselves, where do we go from here?

Recently we were reminded of the popular trend in e-learning today called Gamification, which is the use of game technology. This has the potential to make e-learning more engaging. Using Gamification, we can take elements of real life work situations, and immerse our target audience in an environment that provides them with an engaging method to transfer knowledge and shape behaviors.

For our organization, the verdict is still out on whether this is the direction we will choose, considering the investment of time and technology required. We will continue to review how other companies have incorporated Player-centric designs. This should ensure that business and player objectives overlap, and improve the success of the programs.

gamer 2We are interested in learning how you may have incorporated Gamification into your organization. What experience do you have and how did you determine this was the right direction for your organization? What is your return on your initial investment? What modifications have you made to the program since you rolled Gamification out?


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