Have a Great Webinar

Guest Blogger: Leticia Chavez

talk 4I am sure we have all experience attending webinars that perhaps we feel were a waste of time and didn’t learn anything.   You know which ones; the ones that were over two hours and the presenter just read the PowerPoint slides.    As attendees, sometimes we feel it would have been better just to email the presentation and we could read and review on our own time.  However, when doing a webinar, you want to makes sure you convey your message without having attendees feel they have wasted time.

At my job we are constantly hosting webinars for our customers and have a found the following very helpful to having successful webinars.

Practice and know your software—Nothing is worse than “going on the air” and you don’t know how to start.   We had a webinar where the presenter never showed us her screen (she thought she was) and to make it worse she wasn’t able to hear anyone telling her we couldn’t see.

Engage the audience—Hard to engage during a webinar, but by polling the audience during a presentation you will keep that engaged and wanting to learn more.

Know your audience—Many webinar software allows for you to customize questions for people registering and to allow them to post a question or comment.   Review your registration reports prior to a webinar to better know your audience and to see if any questions or comments were posted, and therefore allowing you to make sure they are addressed when presenting.

Be prepared— Need to show a video –make sure to have it up and ready to go.  The last thing you want is to find out you can’t play it during your presentation.

Stop for questions—Because you are not seeing the audience you may need to stop for questions during your presentation.   You can have attendees ask or type a question via chat.  If chatting, make sure to let others know the question being posed.

Have a co-presenter—Are you presenting to a large group?  The co-presenter can help with questions via chat or help out and chime-in when you feel stuck on something.

These are just a few tips to having a successful webinar, there are many more tips out there but one thing for sure is certain DO NOT JUST READ YOUR POWERPOINT SLIDES.

Hope you found this helpful.  Do you have any tips for having a successful webinar?

This video has some helpful tips.



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One Response to Have a Great Webinar

  1. Amy Lyons says:

    Thanks, Leticia, for a great post. I really like your suggestion about using a co-presenter. I’ve found this to be really helpful, especially with large groups. I also conduct a lot of webinars/web training and I found your information helpful. I created a new blog for a spring course about virtual instructor led training that has a few additional tips. Feel free to check it out at http://www.lyonstrainer.wordpress.com.

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