Finding Answers…

By Meade Peers McCoy

As both students and practitioners there are times we all need help, there are so many things to remember, terms and definitions, the names of theories and theorists. I’ve said before that one of the reasons we are all here at Roosevelt, studying for credentials or Masters degrees, is simple its vocabulary. We’re here to learn vocabulary of the industry what the words are, what they mean, how to use them, how to define them for someone else. Once we are here we discover theory, learning theory, teaching theory, we develop our own theory. With all the vocabulary and theory that exists sometimes we need a little help.

There are a wide variety of places to go looking for a reminder, a better definition, or a new idea. One of my personal favorites is YouTube, there are numerous examples of videos produced by working members of our field or members of higher education. The following is an 8.5-minute video on the subject of Andragogy produced by a professor from a University in England.

I found these types of videos to be wonderful tools not only for my own education but to explain what I do. I am a member of ASTD national and of an ASTD Yammer group for instructional designers. I’ve joined what seems like uncountable number of industry-specific LinkedIn groups, some with very active and ongoing discussions. When I am searching for a solution, an idea, or something that I have forgotten a Google search for industry blogs has proven very helpful in the past.

What is remarkable to me about this readily accessible information is how far out of their way people will go to help. One of the wonderful things about people in our industry is that we are teachers, we are sharers of information, and we want to help whenever we can. So we participate in discussion boards right blogs and create videos, all with the goal of sharing what we know (and getting our name out there). The above YouTube video is classified Creative Commons license, this means that it is available for anyone to use, to edit, to repost. This is the equivalent of open source knowledge.  The amount of information licensed under creative Commons has been steadily increasing, maybe a a sign that people are becoming more interested in the sharing of knowledge then patenting it for personal use and profit.

Would you be willing to share your knowledge, your ideas, and your work?

Do you have any good sources of information that I have not covered?

Do you have any favorite YouTube videos on the subject of training development of performance improvement?

About Meade Peers McCoy

I am driven to learn, about the world and the people in it, learn to do new things, learn to see things in a new way.
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