Add Value to your MATD or MAOD with Professional Credentials

briefcaseAs a follow up to my previous article on professional certifications, “Do you need more letters after your name?” I want to make you aware of an easy way to enhance your Roosevelt University MATD or MAOD without added expense or time. As you work toward your degree with us, you may also choose to complete one or more professional credentials along the way, choosing from our recently update offerings:

Each credential includes required courses and electives, many of which are also required for your degree. With careful planning and course choice, you can complete two credentials at the same time that you complete your Master’s Degree. If your career interests are focused on e-learning and technology, then you might choose the Graduate Credentials in E-Learning and Online Teaching or E-Learning and Instructional Design. If your focus is on organization development, you might complete the Credentials in Human Performance Improvement and Executive Coaching.

Add a comment to this post to tell us which credentials you are planning to pursue and how you plan to use the knowledge and skills in your career.



  • Achieving my MATD degree is a major accomplishment. After graduation, Fall 2015, I will pursue a full-time instructional design role within the education & design department where I work. I believe ID is a unique talent and a critical need in my workplace. Therefore, I am encouraged and committed to take advantage of the opportunity to be a valuable resource in the design and delivery of several new educational products. I have always been an advocate of adopting methods that will streamline the training and development process for our members.

  • I am excited about being so close to the finish line for my MAOD! I have realized that once I am done I still need to take courses to keep me updated on what’s going on in the OD field. In January 2016 I will be signing up for a certificate program.

  • Add Value to your MATD or MAOD with Professional Credentials

    I work for another University and it is unusual to be able to get as Masters degree and graduate credentials. I am very proud to say that during my graduate journey I will obtain a MAOD. I have already received my HPI graduate credential and will complete my Executive Coaching credential after my next class before graduating, I am sure these extra credential will enhance my career.

  • I was really happy to read this and the blog on certifications. I already hold two certifications and if I stay in my current role, I will likely be going for a 3rd before the year is out. I am well aware of the benefits of certifications and the debate that a certification does not an expert make. Many of my coworkers struggle with passing a certification exam but are truly some of the very best in their field. That said, I do plan to obtain my CPLP certification within 5 years of finishing my MATD degree.

    I am also seriously considering a credential in Organization Development. There is a great deal in common with the MATD program and the MAOD program and I think there would be a great deal of value in it. I can say the same for some of the other credentials, such a e-Learning and Coaching. Any of them would add value and be a boost to my career and it’s great that they can be obtained as I am working on my MATD.

  • Thank you for this great article, Kathy! It is great to have that option of adding a credential to my MAOD degree. I chose Executive Coaching because of my passion for being able to help develop people and improve performance for better employee and customer satisfaction. Being in the corporate world for over 20 years, this is something that many companies have missed their mark on. It will be nice to know that I may be able to make a difference. Also, with some of the required classes overlapping with the degree requirements any, it is plus!

  • I’m glad to hear this worked out for you! The credentials sound like perfect compliments to your degree.

  • As an MAOD student anticipating graduation in Dec., this is great to find out that I can obtain credentials along with my degree. It appears as though I will be eligible for the Credentials in Human Performance Improvement and Executive Coaching. Those two areas are both areas of particular interest for me. Upon graduation, I am interested in a role as an internal OD consultant. Being able to show that I have credentials in Human Performance Improvement and Executive Coaching will help me emphasize those two areas as areas where I have knowledge and expertise. I am very focused on continuous improvement at the individual and overall organization level and find that Executive Coaching and HPI can be a very effective ways to impact positive change.

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