What do you know for sure?

oprahimageLooking back fifteen years to Oprah’s 2000 commencement address at Roosevelt University in a standing room only Auditorium Theater, she told 675 graduates that “change will only come about in our lives when we welcome it.” As students or former students, you have welcomed change into your lives by pursuing your educational goals, making time to learn, and challenging yourselves to do your best work.

As we finish another year of achievement, growth, and discovery,  take a few moments to reflect and acknowledge your accomplishments. You deserve it!

Then, add a comment to this post to tell us:

  • What have you learned in your courses this past year? What best practices, tools, or strategies will you use in the future?
  • What change will you welcome into your life as you prepare to graduate (or move closer to graduation)?

(Note: Here is an excerpt from Oprah’s 2000 commencement address at Roosevelt University)


  • It was really cool looking back at the message of the speech. I’m curious to see what this years commencment vibe will be with speakers, key notes and the overall message to grads.

  • Ginger Ulloa-Enright

    Currently, I am taking Training Strategy & Leadership with Professor Reginald Jackson. We are talking about Emotional Intelligence, which a heightened sense of self-awareness is needed. Oprah talked about welcoming change into our lives by challenging ourselves. I think by doing the hard work of self-assessment with a growth mindset and asking ourselves the difficult questions in order to grow, our EI grows. When our EI grows, we make the greatest impact in our own lives and for the lives of others.

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