Congratulations Spring TRDV Graduates!


We’re proud to announce our recent graduates:

  • Wafa Abelhadi
  • Cheryl L. Campbell
  • Karen Canada
  • Morenike Cheatom- Basurto
  • Tanya Ewing
  • Atzimba T. Guerro
  • Kristen M Hansel
  • Crystal D. Johnson
  • Suzanne Jones
  • Cheryl Lynn
  • Marcos Mendoza
  • Jeremy Nowell
  • Veeta Nowell
  • Darcel Smith
  • Robert Stillman
  • Janell C. Whaley
  • Kimberly M Williams
  • Commencement-SP2017-2

    Note: Images courtesy Atzimba Guerro


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