Hey Alumni! Mentor, Serve and Give

Guest Post by Dr. Rayford Barner MATD 2006; Ed.D. Loyola University Chicago 2015

If you have thought of being a mentor or have considered coaching someone in the training and development field to enrich their core understanding of a particular practice, right now is the time to start. As a Roosevelt University alumnus, I participate in the school’s peer mentoring program, volunteer on the board for the graduate program in training and development (I know what you are thinking; wait, they have an alumni board?) and contribute to the annual fund.

Do you? If not, why?

I mentor, serve and give to help assist in the development of students who are pursuing a degree program. I also do so to build and foster communities of collaboration that I hope will lead to career opportunities in T&D or closely related fields and groom students for service beyond the classroom. I have met and had conversations with so many Roosevelt students who, on more than one occasion, expressed concerns about what their future holds and what they can do with their college diploma after they complete the training and development program.

  • Have you had similar conversations?
  • What did you learn from them?
  • What advice did you provide?
  • Were the students successful?

Here’s what I learned: T&D students are eager to learn, want guidance and seek mentors from professionals like you, people who are successful in their respective careers and are graduates of the program. Mentoring and volunteering require a commitment of a few hours of your time each month, but if you cannot find the time, giving is another phenomenal way to support students; you can help offset the costs of attending college by contributing to the annual fund and earmarking your donation to the T&D graduate program. See how easy it is to get involved?

Is this something you can do?

I hope that my message has stirred and motivated you to get off the sidelines and to get involved with Roosevelt University to mentor, volunteer and give your time to support the growth of T&D students and the future leaders of tomorrow. I have provided a few links for you to explore as you think about how you can help increase a Roosevelt education’s value.

RU Training Alumni Board

Roosevelt University Mentoring Program



  • It is great to know that a mentoring program exists for T&D graduate students at Roosevelt. I’d be interested in participating in the future after I complete my program. Mentorship is such an important piece of the development process.

  • Interesting read. I would love to get involved in mentoring a student and helping them grow and developed.

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