Spring 2020 Enrollment

It’s hard to believe as we recover from our first snow of the year in Chicago that it’s time to think about spring enrollment. We have a great line-up of classes to choose from this spring that will help you complete your degree in a timely manner. Keep in mind that our current curriculum consists of 12 required courses (no electives) that are mapped to the ATD competency model so that all class that are in our spring schedule are required for your degree.

Here are few things to keep in mind as you plan for spring term:

Two important classes to take that are only offered in the spring term are the instructional design sequence: TRDV 451 and 470. These are essential courses that are best taken before our evaluation and e-learning courses. As long as you have had TRDV 400, you are eligible to take these courses.

Our classes are offered in two 8 week sessions per semester. Part-time attendance is 1 or 2 (3-6 credit hours) courses per semester and full-time attendance is 3 or 4 courses (9-12 credit hours). Note that if you are attending full-time, then the cost will be the same for 9 or 12 credit hours.

Register early to ensure that you get the schedule you want. Although this happens rarely, sometimes we have to cancel low enrollment clasess. By registering early you will ensure that your class goes.

Complete the registration process by following the instructions here: https://www.roosevelt.edu/current-students/academics/register-classes your registration pin is your birth date unless you have changed it. Note that you will need to select the Spring 2020 term in the course finder.

If you have questions about registration, or anything else related to your studies or career, please contact me at kiverson@roosevelt.edu


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  • This is good advice. On learning how to register for classes, because it can get complicated at times. I have learned by experiences

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  • I appreciate this thread as you are looking ahead to the Spring 2021 semester. I honestly wish things were somewhat back to normal and we can begin offering in-class face-to-face lecturing. As much as i am getting use to online E-learning, i much prefer physical conversations, lecturing, and note taking. However due to the circumstances i completely understand that everyone is trying to make it work to the best of their abilities. For spring i plan on pursuing an online meeting with my advisor to see which classes she recommends for me to take in order to continue my education. Currently i am in TRDV400 with professor Iverson and i have to say so far top 2 most fun class i have had! This and Information Systems with professor Temple. I will be looking into more TRDV courses as it helps me realize how specific positions in most if not all companies have a training development staff that helps us understand what they do on a daily basis. Overall, looking forward to what the future holds! Just pray that life gets easier and students will have the educational process that they have been use to their entire lives!
    Thank you professor!

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