MATD Program Updates: Spring 2020

As we begin the new semester, I want to make you aware of updates and changes to the MATD program:

  • As of Fall 19, our new and revised curriculum was rolled out as described in an earlier post
  • As of Fall 20 our program will move to the Heller College of Business. This move will align our program with related degrees in organization development and human resource management. Our curriculum will not change as a result of this move.
  • We are currently registering students for summer classes. Register early to ensure that the classes you want to take are available.
  • Lakeisha Robinson is your new advisor in the College of Business. To schedule an appointment with her to discuss fall courses or with other questions about registration, you can click here or call 312.281.3293 or e mail her at
  • Also, there are interesting new job and internship opportunities from our alumni. Click on the “Jobs” button to see them.

I hope you have a wonderful semester! Should you have questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

One comment

  • Thank you so much for such a clear update. I’m just finishing up my 1st semester and appreciate this information greatly.

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