Welcome Back, Fall 2020 Students!

As we begin a new academic year, I want to welcome our new and returning students. Our fall Session I classes begin on August 31st and end on October 24th. Session 2 classes begin on October 26th and end on December 19th. I want to make you aware of new develoments in our program.

This fall term, the Graduate Program in Training and Development officially moves to the Heller College of Business. The College of Business offers additional resources to our students and allows our program to align more closely with similar programs in organization development and human resource management.

A second update is our degree map that directs our scheduling of classes (Link) https://catalog.roosevelt.edu/graduate/business/training-development-matd/#degreemaptext As you will see when you access the link, courses are listed by the semester with a one-year and two-year completion. Future class schedules will directly follow this map so you will know which classes you can take in future terms to complete your degree. You are not required to follow a one or two-year completion schedule, but as you plan your studies, know that classes will be offered based on this schedule, with changes made only when necessary. Also note that at this time, students who take three or more classes pay a flat rate for tuition, meaning that you will pay the same amount for 4 courses as three.

We now offer our students the option to complete a Certificate in Training & Development  https://catalog.roosevelt.edu/graduate/business/certificate/training-development-certificate/#requirementstext This certificate will not affect our current majors; however, students completing the Master’s in HR, OD, or an MBA, may be interested in this five-course option to enhance their degree. Also, note that all courses in the certificate apply to the completion of the MATD.

If you are graduating this semester, the Fall 2020 Application deadline for graduation is September 8, 2020. Please email graduation services at graduation@roosevelt.edu if you have questions.

I want to share contact information for our faculty and administrators. All faculty and administrators are here to help you. I can answer most questions about our program (Kathleen Iverson). Lakeisha can help you with class registration, and if you know of individuals who might be interested in our program or certificate, please refer them to Michael Conwell. Finally, I encourage you to make an appointment with Theresa Stock in Career Services if you plan a career change or need assistance with a job search.


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