Spring Semester!

Welcome new and returning students to the second half of our academic year. I hope this message finds you well and that your break was restful and enjoyable! Here are a few updates I’d like to share with you about our Spring term.

Spring 2023 Faculty and Staff

This Spring 1 term (first 8 weeks), Vince Cyborarn, Professor Emeritus, will teach TRDV 451, Reggie Jackson, MATD alumni, is teaching TRDV 400, Gerry Post is teaching TRDV 434. During Spring 2, the second 8-week session, Kathy Iverson teaches TRDV 470, TRDV 432, and TRDV 441.

Jane Wendorff-Craps is our program advisor. Please contact her with questions about registration jwendorffcraps@roosevelt.edu

Deb Orr is our new Department Chair and can be reached at dorr@roosevelt.edu; however, if you have questions about your classes or our program, please contact me at kiverson@roosevelt.edu

Updated Website

Please see our updated website for information about our program. Note that we have received two recognitions for our outstanding program this year. Once again, this year, Best Value Schools has recognized our program as a Top Master’s in Training and Development, as has Great Business Schools. We are pleased to receive this recognition from these independent evaluators.

Linked to our website is our degree map, which shows our class scheduling strategy for the next year. Note our new optional 12-month completion option for students.



  • Lucky to have Dr. Deb Orr as the Chair. She is awesome too.

  • My expectations for this program have been exceeded throughout each course. I enter this Fall 2023 semester taking 3 more courses and will be finishing the MATD program after TRDV499 this summer. I look forward to the joy I will feel once I complete it and the weight that this program may hold on my resume as I look to advance my career!

  • I agree with Martin! I know all the staff takes part into this but I agree that you halve A LOT to do with the recognition! I personally had to make the switch from one program to this program and before making the decision, I was a little nervous making the switch into a field I wasnt to familiar with. After a semester, I do not regret my decision AT ALL! I LOVE the program, I love my professors. Kathy- You had made such an impact in my learning and approach to it all! No wonder we got the recognition. In my other program, we did not have a blog to write on and I love this about our program. Even the beginning of this article, you stated “ MATD program is ready to support student well-being and success with more flexibility and accessibility than ever before.”. That is extremely sweet of the program to be so concerned about us in thats sense. I absolutely love this program and really appreciate everyone’s hard work! Thank you for everything and Im super excited for another great school year!

    • I am so glad to hear this Priscila and it’s been great watching you develop your skills! It’s not easy approaching a brand new career direction and I am so impressed by your dedication to learning.

  • I’m overly excited about the fall semester and looking forward to the classes this semester. Thanks so much Kathy for the updates .

  • Professor Iverson – 3 times is a charm! I know that it will be another great class and another opportunity to learn more good stuff about training and development. Thanks to you for your commitment to our learning and performance!

  • Looking forward to working with both you and Vince. I had seen the post regarding the Top Master in T&D on Linked In but had not heard about the Great Business School ranking. Thank you for the update. Looking forward to the program and learning more about the rankings.

  • Happy to see you are leading the program. They are lucky to have you. Vince is awesome too.

    So great you are encouraging our students to reach out when they need support.

    Very proud Roosevelt University is being recognized as a top Training and Development program.
    Congratulations. I am confident you have a lot to do with that recognition. Keep up the great work.

    Once again, this year, Best Value Schools has recognized our program as a Top Master’s in Training and Development, as has Great Business Schools. We are pleased to receive this recognition from these independent evaluators.

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