Careers in Human Performance

By:  Kathleen Iverson, Ph.D.

Human Performance Technology (a.k.a. Human Performance Improvement) is a field of study and practice that utilizes a systematic process to analyze performance problems and identify and implement solutions.  The name incorporates:

working together 3

Human: the individuals and groups that make up our organizations
 activities and measurable outcomes
a systematic and systemic approach to solving practical problems

When considering careers in HPI/HPT keep in mind that although performance improvement may be a required or preferred skill set of many positions in training, organization development, and human resource management, it may not be immediately visible in the job title.  In a recent search of job openings in workplace learning, we found many instances of HPI in the job requirements.  Below are three recent job openings where performance is emphasized in training, OD, and performance consulting.

Training Specialist:  Develop and deliver job-related performance-based training to a geographically dispersed audience of 2,500 adult

Organization Performance Consultant: Manages performance consulting and performance-based training analysis activities for all DTE Energy organizations. Leads efforts to ensure all technical training programs meet performance-based industry standards. Mentors senior management in implementing performance-based training. Partners with senior management to set organizational training goals and ensure training is used strategically to optimize organizational performance. Directs activities to ensure training programs are implemented in compliance with regulatory and industry standards. Serves as the DTE Energy conscience for utilizing the Systematic Approach to Training (SAT) process. Mentors management on human performance initiatives, continuous improvement projects, and activities related to training.

Organization Development Manager: Knowledgeable about organizational development and training practices, including needs assessment, instructional design, 360 Feedback, employee engagement, leadership training, performance management, and change management. Skill in the design and application of performance metrics development measurement and evaluation tools.

Please join the discussion and let us know how you might use HPI in your career. also, post a link to a recent position that requests expertise in performance management.

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