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Mauricio Palli; 2011 Master of Arts in Training and Development

To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.
–Steve Prefontaine

Mauricio Palli, 2011 Graduate, MATD

Mauricio Palli, 2011 Graduate, MATD

Currently I am the Development and Recruitment Manager at Hennes & Mauritz, located in their North American online sales office. My biggest success in my role is that I work very closely with local managers and public relations in Mexico to implement the Spanish speaking bi-lingual agent teams. Because of my drive and initiative, my team now oversees all e-mail and customer service correspondence from Latin America. I also work very closely with my team to deliver Spanish workshops to ensure that we are giving the best customer service to our Spanish speaking customers here in the United States as well as Latin America. In addition, I work with our HR manger to recruit top talent for our Online/Customer Service office. I am also using my instructional design expertise to develop a workshop for managers that will focus on policy and employee relations to ensure that we remain fair, consistent, and compliant while using our company values.

During my time at Roosevelt, I benefited from my professors’ experience and the scenarios and case studies we used to solve real world problems. Graduating from Roosevelt University with a degree in training and development gave me the necessary knowledge and tools to work in an ever-changing fast paced environment. Tools that I use to continue learning after graduation are participating and learning in LinkedIn, attending seminars and workshops, in-house development, and reading books related to our field. One book in particular that I recommend is “The Naked Presenter” by Garr Reynolds.

One piece of advice I have for current students is to ask questions! You are in graduate school the more you engage with your teachers the more you benefit. For those who are entering careers in training and development, you must have a passion for people and have that ability to be patient with learners and recognize their differences. You will also need flexibility and openness to change and skill in giving and receiving feedback.