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Constructivism: Two Theories You Need to Know

By Daniel Harbecke Constructivism is a popular learning theory in Training & Development, and has an abundant variety of interpretations.  Two of them, social constructionism and Personal Construct Psychology, may give you some added perspective in developing your training programs. … Continue reading

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Following Mezirow: A Roadmap through Transformative Learning

By Daniel Harbecke There is a fundamental divide between understanding a concept and applying it in practical use – any experienced teacher can confirm this.  For those who lack this sort of background, there’s always Bloom’s Taxonomy of Cognitive Learning, … Continue reading

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Virtual Training: Making It Work for Real-World Success

By Daniel Harbecke “The future,” as Jeff Goldblum once said in a popular PBS program, “is where we will spend the rest of our lives.” If so, our future home is coming upon us faster than ever before. The advents … Continue reading

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Improving Managerial Performance: One Reflection at a Time

By Sydney Hannah-Holliday In case studies of Human Performance Improvement interventions, I’m always curious to see the interventions Learning Professionals provide at each level of an organization’s executive structure. From what I’ve observed, emphasis for performance intervention is placed primarily on … Continue reading

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Using Small Groups to Achieve Big Training Results

By Lisa Klaban Recently, a colleague was telling me about a design problem she was having. She needed an instructional method that would align with one of the session objectives, but wanted something that would be engaging and fun. When … Continue reading

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Putting the Stake in “Stakeholders”

By Jordan Spector I never understood why project stakeholders would resist recommendations of training professionals that stakeholders brought onboard.  I’ve heard horror stories throughout my tenure at RooseveltUniversity, discussing the experiences of people in the industry the many networking events … Continue reading

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Mind Mapping: A Great Tool for Teaching and Learning

By Mauricio Palli When working on an assignment for TRDV 499, I stumbled on a few articles online that explored the idea of mind mapping and how it can increase student success rates while promoting engagement. I found this topic … Continue reading

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