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Professor in the graduate program in Training and Development of Roosevelt University.

Hillbilly is the New Black: Why T&D Professionals Need to Read J.D. Vance’s “Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis”

by Vince Cyboran, Ed.D. 1963:   Q. What do you call a rich hillbilly? A. A Mount William. 2016: Q. What do you call a rich hillbilly? A. J.D. Vance. Whatever the outcome of the upcoming US presidential race, we are … Continue reading

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LinkedIn Groups: Are you in?

LinkedIn Groups: Are you In? by Vince Cyboran, Ed.D. There are a variety of reasons to join LinkedIn, such as networking, job hunting, or keeping up with colleagues from former jobs. But some people also use it for learning, and … Continue reading

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My Generation: My Learning?

by Vince Cyboran Much ado has been made about the differences among generations:  Veterans, Boomer’s, Gen X, and Gen Y (Millenials). Certainly, a cottage industry has grown around capitalizing on what to do with these generations in the workplace, including … Continue reading

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The American Dream Reconsidered: The T&D Perspective

Beginning on Monday, September 12 and closing  with a campus-wide service day on Thursday, September 15, Roosevelt University will be hosting the inaugural instance of this conference on its Chicago campus.  You are cordially invited to attend. Here is the link … Continue reading

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Go Ask Alice: Checking our own Beliefs

You’ve probably seen—or heard—this meme about learning. It is a text-based version of Edgar Dale’s “Cone of Learning,” sometimes referred to as his “Cone of Instruction.” The question for you, dear reader, is:  Do you believe it?  In total?  Sort … Continue reading

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Content Curation: A mostly curated blog post

  Back in the day—and by that, I mean 2012—there were rumblings about “curation” or “content curation” within the T&D world. For example, David Kelly wrote a brilliant blog post about it for ATD (then, ASTD). Some T&D practitioners may … Continue reading

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“We don’t need no stinkin’ badges.” Or, do we?

by Vince Cyboran, Ed.D. Associate Professor, Graduate Program in Training and Development Roosevelt University Much like the enigmatic emblems on Scout uniforms, “digital badges” are among the latest efforts for documenting skill competencies in individuals.  Mixed with an updateable–and up-to-date–portfolio, … Continue reading

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