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Training Evaluation Series Part 4: Measurement Tools from Scholarly Publications

Last week, in the post, “Measuring Intangible Benefits,” you were introduced to strategies to locate tests that allow you to quantify the intangible outcomes of training by using the Mental Measurements Yearbook. As you will find, the “Yearbook” reviews commercially available tests, but there are many other tests in published research studies. The best database available to locate tests is PsychTests,

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Training Evaluation Series Part 3: Measuring Intangible Benefits

When considering the word “intangible” terms like ethereal, ghostly, spectral, unearthly and supernatural come to mind. Not exactly how we think of the efficient and grounded process of calculating the return on investment (ROI) of training. In the Phillips ROI Methodology (see diagram below), intangible benefits are those that not readily converted to a monetary value; outcomes that are difficult

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Training Evaluation Series Part 1: Survey Design Basics

This fall RU Training will offer a series of articles addressing advanced topics in training evaluation. I hope that these posts will benefit our current students and our alumni. This series assumes a basic knowledge of both Kirkpatrick’s Model and Phillip’s ROI Methodology. The first article addresses survey design basics. Surveys are an essential tool throughout the training process. Before

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