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Positive Psychology – Healthier Mind and Higher Productivity

Positive Psychology – Healthier Mind and Higher Productivity By: Elizabeth Price Positive psychology isn’t just the idea that being positive leads to a happier person. It has application merits, especially when applied to train and development as well as adult education. Often, I’ve been asked, “What do you want your career to look like?” I’ll be the first to admit

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TRAIN YOUR BRAIN Learn Faster, Remember More, and Develop Automatic Responses Utilizing Cognitive Theory

TRAIN YOUR BRAIN: Learn Faster, Remember More, and Develop Automatic Responses Utilizing Cognitive Theory By: Gina Gilmore Are you able to you teach yourself? Can you train your brain to learn more effectively and most importantly to recall those items that you have learned? You are the machine that develops learning patterns and teaches yourself the best way to learn

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Evolving eLearning with Experiential Learning Theory

Evolving eLearning with Experiential Learning Theory By Kiara Elam There is no doubt that eLearning has become a popular mode of education across many fields.  Many organizations utilize eLearning to provide training to new hires and existing employees.  Also, more universities are offering continuing education programs solely online, which incorporate eLearning faculties into the different courses.  The use of eLearning continues

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Self-Efficacy Theory: Sometimes it really is all in your head

Self-Efficacy Theory: Sometimes it really is all in your head by: Kaelyn Schulz When you’re up late, grinding out an impossible task, convinced you’re in over your head, cliches like “mind over matter,” “believe it and you’ll achieve it,” “you can accomplish anything you put your mind to” aren’t generally helpful. Well, those phrases may seem trite, but they’re also

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Situated Cognition: “Busy Hands, Busy Minds”

Situated Cognition: “Busy Hands, Busy Minds” By: Nicole M. Hardy, Guest Student Author Does hands-on learning increase student understanding? Research has proven that students who are taught using hands-on teaching methods outperform those who do not. Hands-on learning is an instructive method that allows the learner to vigorously engage in activities in order to learn about them. In essence, it

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Healthy Confrontation Helps Everyone Grow

By: Tom Ford We have all been there: sitting in a meeting silently disagreeing with the organizer.  You know from your experience that the proposal on the table will not work, but you choose not to speak up because you are a professional.  However, the meeting ends and your boss tasks you with doing something that will fail.  Worst yet

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