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Perfect Performance Objectives

By: Kathleen Iverson At first glance, the premise of the perfect performance objective is deceptively simple. Dick and Carey (2009) define performance objectives as statements of what the learners will be expected to do when they have completed a specified course of instruction, written in terms of observable performance. To most novice designers, this sounds easy enough—write down what learners

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Accelerated Online Courses: New Strategies for Successful Learning

As we begin rolling out our new eight-week online courses this summer, it’s important to consider the strategies that student need to be successful in an accelerated online format. Accelerated online courses can save you time and money and are good for the environment too! Rather than commuting to and from class, you can complete your course when it’s convenient

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Keeping Up Made Easy (or, Why You Need to Follow Elliott Masie)

As a hiring manager, one of the questions I always asked candidates was “How do you keep up in the field?”  There is no one right answer to this question, but there are many variations on wrong answers to the question.  Being in graduate school provides you with a ready-made answer: you are learning about foundational theories and models, as

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Best Practices in Teaching Online

Best Practices in Teaching Online Our online of the M.A. in Training and certificates has grown tremendously over the past five years. Now nearly 80% of our enrollment is fully online. With so many students choosing this option, to improve our practices in online teaching continuously. Our faculty has created an ongoing list of practices that they use to improve

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I’ll Take My Learning ‘To Go’

Guest Blogger: Taylor Harris Before I rush out the door, I do a quick inventory review. Laptop: check. Blackberry phone: check. iPod touch: check. And, last but not least, keys and purse: check. I’m rushing out to join the other members of mobile society. According to e-Learning Guild, 82.7% of employees are increasingly mobile, owning at least one mobile device. No doubt,

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