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Instructional Design: Project Management’s Polar Identical Twin?

Learning solutions can be complex, time-consuming, and expensive. Sadly, many align poorly with organizational objectives and fail to deliver expected performance improvements. This is why the ATD Capability Model encourages instructional design professionals to build project management skills to ensure that instructional interventions achieve the desired learning or behavioral outcomes.  According to the Project Management Institute project management is the application

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New Updated Curriculum Mapped to the ATD Competency Model

I am pleased to announce updates to our curriculum were approved and will go into effect starting with the Fall 2019 semester. The updates resulted from the remapping of our curriculum to the current ATD competency model to ensure that our students develop essential skills required for success in the industry. Rationale for Curriculum Revision The purpose of this revision

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If ‘All the world’s a stage,” Don’t Leave Home Without Your Script.

If “All the world’s a stage,” Don’t Leave Home Without Your Script Vince Cyboran, Ed.D. Imagine that you are meeting a friend for lunch at a restaurant that you have not eaten at before. You arrive first, five minutes before the agreed-upon time. You stand near the entrance, next to a sign reading:  “Please wait to be seated.” Soon, a

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Avoiding Post-Graduation Inertia with LinkedIn Groups

Avoiding Post-Graduation Inertia with LinkedIn Groups Vincent L. Cyboran, Ed.D.   Finally finishing your master’s degree brings with it several emotions, including much-deserved pride and a sense of relief. You can finally enjoy your weekends again. You can devote more time to long-neglected hobbies and interests, or just do nothing; at least for a while. Your resume is updated to

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Your Words Matter

Your Words Matter Dr. Rayford Barner & Dr. Reginald Jackson If the recently published book Fire and Fury by author Michael Wolfe isn’t enough to convince you that your words matter, then we are not certain what will. As you listen to the conflicting accounts of what is written in Wolfe’s book between President Trump’s administration and the author, there

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Congratulations Fall 2017 Graduates!

The following students earned their Master of Arts in Training and Development (MATD) degrees: Jarvis Cook Thomas Ford Carrie Holder-Humphrey Maureen Kelly Jennifer Lau-Bon Lori Lum Michelle Martin Olga Polyakova My Linh Tran Sonia Villalpando Kim Waldvogel Melissa Wold We know they are going to do extremely well. Here’s a shot of some of the happy graduates just before the ceremony:

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