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Alumnus profile: 2010 grad begins management position, talks training trends, praises distance learning

Meet Doug Sellers, a 2010 graduate of Roosevelt’s Training and Development program. He lives and works in Texas, and completed all of his coursework online — a setup that also allowed him to work and, most importantly, be near his wife and young children. Congratulations to Doug, who began as Training & Leadership Development Manager for Waste Connections, Inc., in

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Birds or Fish? Internal and External Consultants

By Kathleen Iverson Sky and Water, by M.C. Escher, is a tessellated image of birds changing to fish when they sink below the water line.  Depending on whether you see the background or foreground as dominant, you see either fish or birds at the water line. To me, this image represents the relationship between internal and external learning consultants.  Like

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Student PROFILE: Changing Careers Is Simply Reapplying Your Skills

By Adam Kirby When I tell people I’m a grad student studying Training & Development, and that my former career was journalism, I often get a quizzical sideways look. “Wow, that’s quite a change!” they typically say. And on the surface, it is. But go a little deeper and you’ll realize that the core disciplines are actually rather similar. Both

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Keeping Up Made Easy (or, Why You Need to Follow Elliott Masie)

As a hiring manager, one of the questions I always asked candidates was “How do you keep up in the field?”  There is no one right answer to this question, but there are many variations on wrong answers to the question.  Being in graduate school provides you with a ready-made answer: you are learning about foundational theories and models, as

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Learning Technologies Round Up!

New learning technologies are being developed faster than we can process them.  This summer, in TRDV 450 Learning Technologies we’ve explored a number of new ideas and applications that relate to learning and performance improvement.  From mobile learning to blogs, wikis, and Screenr we’ve talked about many applications that could be used to make workplace learning more efficient, effective, and

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Gaming the System: Harness the power of games to drive learning

As e-learning providers struggle to motivate learners to complete web-based courseware, gamers are glued to their screens for dozens of hours each week.  What if we could harness the power of gaming and instead of wasting hours of time playing digital games, we could help individuals and organizations meet their learning goals? Not every game is created equal, and many

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