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Positive Psychology – Healthier Mind and Higher Productivity

Positive Psychology – Healthier Mind and Higher Productivity Guest Student Post By: Elizabeth Price Positive psychology isn’t just the idea that being positive leads to a happier person. It has application merits, especially when applied to train and development as well as adult education. Often, I’ve been asked, “What do you want your career to look like?” I’ll be the

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Evolving eLearning with Experiential Learning Theory

Evolving eLearning with Experiential Learning Theory Guest Student Post By Kiara Elam There is no doubt that eLearning has become a popular mode of education across many fields.  Many organizations utilize eLearning to provide training to new hires and existing employees.  Also, more universities are offering continuing education programs solely online, which incorporate eLearning faculties into the different courses.  The use

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Self-Efficacy Theory: Sometimes it really is all in your head

Self-Efficacy Theory: Sometimes it really is all in your head Guest Student Post by: Kaelyn Schulz When you’re up late, grinding out an impossible task, convinced you’re in over your head, cliches like “mind over matter,” “believe it and you’ll achieve it,” “you can accomplish anything you put your mind to” aren’t generally helpful. Well, those phrases may seem trite,

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Careers in Training and Development Part 1: A bright outlook

There has never been a better time to consider a career in training and development. As the complexity of our world increases, so does the need for those who can design, deliver, and direct the process of knowledge acquisition and management. According to O-Net, a repository of occupational information developed by the U.S. Department of Labor, the job outlook for

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