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Keeping Up Made Easy (or, Why You Need to Follow Elliott Masie)

As a hiring manager, one of the questions I always asked candidates was “How do you keep up in the field?”  There is no one right answer to this question, but there are many variations on wrong answers to the question.  Being in graduate school provides you with a ready-made answer: you are learning about foundational theories and models, as

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Careers in Human Performance

By:  Kathleen Iverson, Ph.D. Human Performance Technology (a.k.a. Human Performance Improvement) is a field of study and practice that utilizes a systematic process to analyze performance problems and identify and implement solutions.  The name incorporates: Human: the individuals and groups that make up our organizations Performance: activities and measurable outcomes Technology: a systematic and systemic approach to solve practical problems Judith Hale from Chicago

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Team Building Ideas Found at 30,000 Feet

By Meade Peers McCoy “Keep your eyes open for new ideas and information about what is going on in the field of training and development”. This is a sentiment that I have heard many times and expressed myself on more than one occasion, but sometimes it still catches me by surprise where useful information can be found. Such as when I ran

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