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Post-pandemic online learning: What’s next?

The pandemic has changed the way we work and learn. Overnight, almost everyone, regardless of their age or technological expertise, learned to use virtual tools like Zoom. Given the ready availability and widespread experience with virtual communication tools, augmenting online asynchronous classes with synchronous options makes sense. However, adding a required, lengthy synchronous session to a course designed for asynchronous

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Online Learning and E-learning Delivery Modes: Which is best?

In last week’s post, we discussed developing a common language around online learning. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s consider the pros and cons of the various delivery modes. In-person Learning In-person learning offers many advantages for learners and instructors, including social connections and the practice of social interaction, a controlled environment for testing, fewer distractions

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Online Learning: Let’s create a common language

One of the challenges with online learning (e-learning in non-educational markets) is a lack of common language and terminology. In particular, our use and understanding of virtual delivery—sometimes called Zoom class, remote learning, and synchronous learning, to name just a few—has expanded, and so has our vocabulary. A lack of agreement around terminology can make it difficult to communicate about

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