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Birds or Fish? Internal and External Consultants

By Kathleen Iverson Sky and Water, by M.C. Escher, is a tessellated image of birds changing to fish when they sink below the water line.  Depending on whether you see the background or foreground as dominant, you see either fish or birds at the water line. To me, this image represents the relationship between internal and external learning consultants.  Like

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Keeping Up Made Easy (or, Why You Need to Follow Elliott Masie)

As a hiring manager, one of the questions I always asked candidates was “How do you keep up in the field?”  There is no one right answer to this question, but there are many variations on wrong answers to the question.  Being in graduate school provides you with a ready-made answer: you are learning about foundational theories and models, as

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Social Networking and Organizational Learning

By:  Kathleen Iverson Prior to the Internet, the last technological innovation that had a significant effect on the way people sat and talked together was the table (Shirkey, 2003).  The web has transformed the way we communicate, learn, and work, and in the very near future, it will transform the way we manage organizations.  Web 2.0 technologies including blogs, wikis,

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